Welcome to the Creativo Guide!

Welcome to Creativo! Here you'll find some tips and best practices for you to create graphics and copy content with the power of the AI to grow your social media presence.

Need to switch between sections? The navigation bar is at the bottom of the page with the 3 icons - website, content creation, and marketing.

Need to manage your account? Click on the top right of your screen.  This will bring you to a list of links to check out your post history, access your favorites and drafts, check and manage your scheduled posts, contact support.

Here's how to get started with Content Creation:

Need something quick? Try the Generate Ideas For Me - It can generate something really quick, you can write anything down!

Prefer a visual search? Generate different designs by category using AI.

Create Content

Easily create graphics and written copy in minutes!

You can quickly create designs with AI by following these steps:

Click on Design Graphic;

Choose from many categories the style of the design you want to create;

Tell the AI Genie what you want to create and wait for the magic to happen!

Remix or Edit if needed. Download when done!

Now that the graphic is ready, we need to make your caption. Let Creativo AI take care of it!

Click on Write Copy

Choose what you're going to write (social media caption, SEO text, etc)

Give the AI Genie some details about what you want to talk about and voilá… more AI magic on your way!

Your new graphics and copy are ready to use.  It’s that easy!

Do you want Creativo to post for you? Do you want to schedule your posts? Our Magic Marketing Plan is for you! Contact us today to add this to your plan!


Are you having trouble with your scheduled posts not going through?

Check out these troubleshooting tips:

Make sure you have a valid subscription, or are within trial limits.

If you are posting to a Facebook Group, make sure you are an admin and that you have authorized Creativo to post to the Facebook group. If you haven't and need help, click here.

Make sure you are still logged in (on the same device Creativo is being used on) to Facebook/Instagram from the time you scheduled the post till the post due date. (You can close the browser but shouldn't manually log out.)

Clear the cache in your browser.

These troubleshooting tips usually take care of the issue. Still not posting?  Reach out to support here.


Get started with your website

Welcome to Creativo’s Web Builder!

Ready to build your site?

Start by choosing a theme.  Don’t pay too much attention to the colors and images already on the templates, these can easily be changed later.

Focus on the header and navigation style that works best for the site you want to create.

Once you’ve decided on the template theme that best fits your style, hit select, and an email will be sent to you for the first login.

Changed your mind?

Here’s how to select another theme:

Login to your user dashboard

Click on edit my site

Click on change theme

Locate desired theme then click choose theme

Keep in mind any data that you have added to the old theme will not carry over.

See how to get started

Tour Your Web Builder

Ready for a tour?

Now that you’ve selected your website template, we’d like to show you around.  We want to make sure you get comfortable with the Web Builder.

In this video we'll point out the following:

Locate items on your toolbar

View and test your website on different devices

Editing Elements

Here are some key things to know about editing your site:

The layout in your theme consists of rows that stack on top of each other and columns that are within the rows.

The theme you chose has the overall structure of the site built in it.

Within the structure, you further customize your pages by adding widgets to the layout and edit each widget within the page.

Learn more about customizing your pages in this video tutorial of the Web Builder:

Custom Header

What’s next? Get a head start on your Header!

This is an important part of creating your site and it distinguishes your site identity.  It's where your name and logo will be most seen on your site. This is also where you'll find the navigation of your site.

In this video learn how to start making style changes for your logo, title and layout.

Global Design

Ready to start designing?

Check out our Global Design Feature.  Here you can make changes for your entire site all here in one place. This will give a cohesive look to all of these Global Design tools.

Global Text

Global Buttons

Global Images

Site Background

You can also make changes to individual pages that will override your Global Edits.

Don’t like the individual edits?

Click> Revert to Global Design to reset your changes.

Learn more about Global Design in this tutorial of the Web Builder:

Managing Pages

Ready to Manage your pages?

It’s important to manage the pages on your site because you want the most important information to be the most accessible.  You will also have subcategories in your site and need to arrange the order for both.

In this tutorial you’ll see how to:




And reorder pages and sub pages


Want to get someone’s attention?

Popups are a type of small window that appears in a web page. They can be set up to appear when clicked as a link or automatically as an action from a personalization rule.  They’re a great way to grab your user’s attention without having to change pages.

Need ideas?

Collect contact info for first time users


Offer a promotion

Event Registration


To add a popup to your website:

Click pages> popup>+new pop-up and you can select and edit from the pop-up gallery.

Backup Site

What is a site backup?

It’s basically a copy of your website.

Why should you create a backup of your site?

Creating a backup is important because you can save time and effort if you happen to make any mistakes. This way if you decide to go in another direction you can revert back to the last backed up copy.

Not sure how to back up your site?

While our system automatically creates backups each time your site is published, we recommend you create a manual backup of your site periodically. Especially after working on a difficult change or importing lots of content.

To manually backup your site >click settings> click backup

Check out our Web Builder Tutorial- on Backups

Import Content

Wondering how to move over your content?

Check out our Web Builder Tutorial Below!

Learn how to import these items from your original site:




And general information

Replacing Your Old Site

Need to redirect an old site to your new site?

If someone tries to access your old site this feature will automatically redirect the user to a page in your new website. This is not only important for your users but it’s also important to preserve the site’s existing SEO ranking.

To redirect your old site:

Click settings on your left tool bar in your Web Builder

Click URL Redirect

Select the Destination Page on your new site> Enter the external URL> click add

Google Analytics

Wondering what Google Analytics is?

Google Analytics gives you free tools to help understand your site and app users to better check the performance of your marketing, content, product and more.

Native Analytics Feature

Your site has a native integration into Google Analytics that makes it easy to have a website visitors tracked in Google Analytics (and other Google Tracking Tools) so adding your own Google Analytics ID is purely optional.

To add additional Google Analytics tracking follow the steps below:

Setting>Click Google Analytics

Enter your UAID

SEO Setting

Want to know about SEO and why it’s important?

In brief, search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of getting pages to rank higher on search engines like Google or Bing etc.  Search is one of the main ways in which people discover content online, ranking higher in search engines can lead to an increase in traffic to a website.

How to update your SEO

Go to Settings on the left panel, choose SEO. You will want to add a site title, site description and keywords to help your site get discovered through search engines.

To edit and change SEO settings on each individual page as well, go to Pages on the left panel, click the gear on each page, and select SEO. Adding your page title, description and keywords will provide the best optimization for your site!

Going Live!

Ready to Go Live?

In this video we’ll show you how to publish and connect to a domain. If you don’t already have a domain, we’ll show you how you can purchase one.

SSL Certificate

Want to know your website is secure?

All of our sites come with a SSL certificate. This ensures that visitors’ data and connection to this site are secured. Once the site’s custom domain is fully set up, an SSL certificate will automatically be generated & installed. Read more.

To manually generate an SSL certificate:

Click Setting

Click Site SSL

Click Generate Certificate


Quick Post

From content creation to posting, Creativo makes this happen minutes!

Under Magic Marketing, click on Create a Quick Post

Complete each section:

Tap To Select Account - choose which social media account you wish to post to

Tap to generate caption with AI - let Creativo write copy and hashtags based on the details you provide

Tap to generate AI graphics - let Creativo create a graphic for you based on the art style you select and details you provide

Once done, hit Post To Account and your social media post is done!

A Download Graphic button is also present should you want to have a copy of your graphic for other purposes.

Quick Ads

We've created a video tutorial to help you connect your Google Ad account with Creativo. This will enable you to set up ads smoothly and effectively. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions to ensure you're ready to launch your advertising campaigns hassle-free. We encourage you to check it out and get started with ease!

Automate Your Social Media

We know how precious your time is…That's why we have the Creativo Assistant tool, where you can automate up to a month of posting with a few clicks!

In Magic Marketing, go to Automate Social Media

Click on Get Started Now Button

Create content folders (at least 2)

Set a name, description and a cover photo

Upload your photos to the desired folder

Make sure that you group your photos logically by folder, and that the folder description is clear, detailed and relevant as Creativo depends on it to generate captions for all the photos in the folder.

After you create the folders, here is how you can use this awesome tool to automate your posting:

Choose which folder with your photos and graphics that you want to see in your timeline

Choose your schedule preferences, which include the days and time you would like to post

Choose the duration of the cycle (a week, 2 weeks or a whole month)

Once you approve the whole cycle, it will be scheduled for posting.

You are all set! Creativo Assistant will do graphics and copy for you!